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The next generation of prosthesis control

26th november 2019

Natural motion control is the ultimate goal of many prosthetic users – and advanced technology means that can be a reality! COAPT have now released their latest upper limb control system, available through Ortho Europe, which utilises myoelectric pattern recognition software to offer the most complete prosthesis control and functionality to date.

Each motion we make creates a pattern of electrical activity called myoelectricity, which can be detected by electrodes on the surface of our skin. Those who have experienced upper limb loss or limb difference can still produce these signals with their remaining muscles.

COAPT Gen2 has machine learning algorithms that recognise each user’s unique natural patterns. It is able to determine when a pattern matches the user’s intention to make motion, meaning that the user can control their movements intuitively.

The Complete Control system enables the user to:

  • Easily and quickly control movements without needing to recalibrate
  • Avoid fatigue by using low intensity muscle contractions
  • Make fast and natural movements

The Complete Control system is suitable for those with upper limb loss or limb difference, and is compatible with all major upper limb powered prostheses. It is particularly beneficial for those users who have previously struggled with traditional myoelectric systems.

If you would like to learn more about COAPT Gen2, or would like to know how to order the system from Ortho Europe, please click here.

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