New RUSH foot shell now available!

30th oktober 2019

We’re pleased to announce the new and improved RUSH foot shell.

The new design is slimmer, softer and much more lifelike, making it easier to don and doff, and fit into shoes.

It comes equipped with a heel clip, which secures the top of the foot shell into place on the pylon and adds to the durability of the foot shell. There is also a small water hole in the heel for drainage.

The redesigned foot shell is now shipped with all orders for the following RUSH feet:

Please note that whilst the newly designed foot shell is only available in the light version for now, the dark foot shell is set to be released at a later date.

RUSH Feet – life without limitations

Designed for active patients who want to find comfort and smoothness in walking, but also practise all sport activities with confidence, the RUSH range provides a unique design and superior reliability. RUSH has utilised an innovative glass composite, that makes the feet stronger and more flexible than carbon-based prosthetics.

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