Exclusive features available with Alpha® Liners


With a wide range of options available, there’s a lot of decision making involved in choosing a suitable liner. To make that easier, Ortho Europe can guarantee that the following features can be chosen with any Alpha Liner type, ensuring high quality for all of your patients.

Select fabric: a durable one-way stretch fabric which controls pistoning without a distal matrix, allowing radial stretch and maintaining liner elongation.

Easy flexion: all BK liners feature a Select panel to allow easy bending and flexing of the knee

A perfect fit: Alpha liners with a progressive or symmetrical profile feature an accordion umbrella which smoothly conforms to the distal end shape, ensuring an optimal, comfortable fit for your patient

Retrofitting: Alpha Liners with the same inner profile can retrofit into the same socket, allowing patients to switch liners for different activities without switching sockets

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