Deze afbeelding laat een gepersonaliseerde prosthetic and orthotic device zien

Discover: U-exist!

6th november 2019

An artistic range of high quality fabrics and transfer papers to personalise prostheses and orthoses

Introducing a fantastic opportunity to choose between 60 patterns and colours exclusively brought to you by Ortho Europe in this 2019/2020 collection: U-exist. These imaginative designs are available in the form of transfer papers, Lycra® sheets or lamination sleeves, suitable for any custom-made device.

Patients can be creative with patterns, characters or solid colours – the choice is theirs! This enables users to express their personality and feel involved in the fabrication of their prosthetic and orthotic device. To see the available designs, please click here.

If you think your patients may be interested in one of our designs, or perhaps you would like to see the range in its entirety, we have a swatchbook available to receive upon request. Contact our Customer Services team to get your free copy!

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