Celebrating differences: International Day of People with Disabilities

3rd december 2019

It is estimated that one billion people – or 15% of the world’s population – currently experience some form of disability*. Today, 3rd December, is the International Day of People with Disabilities: a great opportunity to raise awareness and promote equal opportunities for everyone with a health impairment that affects their day to day life. The goal is to identify and overcome barriers together, and work towards an accessible future.

“Working towards an accessible future is everyone’s responsibility. With us, create a future which demands that people are not excluded because of their health impairments. Call out barriers wherever you see them, and work with us to overcome them.” IDPWD

At Ortho Europe, we work closely with people experiencing some level of limited mobility, from amputees to individuals with muscular dystrophy. We recognise the unique challenges that different levels of ability can present, and aim to enable people to rise above their limitations and live independent lives.

Huge advances in treatments and technology over the last century have gone a long way towards overcoming certain challenges, and the field of rehabilitation and mobility is no exception. Ortho Europe is committed to driving technological advances that have a direct positive impact on individuals. Upper limb prostheses can be controlled simply by natural muscle movements; custom-made wheelchairs fit the exact shape of an individual to provide a more comfortable and supportive solution; and carbon fibre allows orthotic devices to be more lightweight than ever before.

Nonetheless, a clear equality gap remains. Statistics – such as the fact that people with disabilities are twice as likely to be unemployed** – demonstrate how much work remains to be done. So join us this International Day of People with Disabilities to celebrate diversity and promote equal opportunities. Together we can achieve a world of equality.

*World Bank, 2017

** Scope, 2018

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