WillowWood One® Transfemoral System

The One Transfemoral System by WillowWood provides a consistently secure, comfortable and straightforward vacuum solution for transfemoral amputees with no hoses, sleeves, or extra bulk required. Patients are able to don the system at the start of the day and take it off at the end, with no extra adjustments needed.

The One System includes a fabricless Alpha SmartTemp or Duo Liner, the One Gel Sock, the One Seal, and a LimbLogic unit, along with the definitive socket and removable brim. The cutaway socket shown on the left shows how the system creates two seal points for secure vacuum suspension.

Socket fabrication kit and instruction now provided for local fabrication.

Features and benefits

  • No donning or doffing required during the day and no lubricants needed
  • Adapts to the activity of the user
  • Possibility to lower trimlines and increase range of motion
  • Socket fit analysis available with communicator software
  • Waterproof in zoet en zout water
  • 26 months of development and testing, including over 40 clinical test patients of various activity levels

Recommendations for use

  • Low to high activity users
  • AK amputee
  • Patients struggling with security from traditional systems
  • Patients wanting lower trimlines
  • Patients with sweating issues

Technical Specifications

Weight of DeviceBuild HeightLiner Styles AvailableLiner Sizes AvailableProduct HeightWeight rating for Distal MountWarrantyOptional Trial Period
Side mount: 209g

Distal mount: 225g

(Fob: 17g)
NAAlpha SmartTemp Silicone and Alpha Duo® Liners both with symmetrical 4.5mm profileMedium Plus, Large, Large Plus and Extra Large Distal mount: height - 36mm

Side mount: 35.22mm x 100.15mm
160kg for K3

135kg for K4
LimbLogic Pump: 24 months
Liner, Gel Sock, Seal: 12 months
Definitive Socket: 3 months
One Seal: 3 months
For non-fabricated socket: 30 days from date of invoice
For a fabricated socket: 10 days on WillowWood One Definitive Socket,
30 days on Liner Kit, and optional LimbLogic®
(from the socket ship date from WillowWood)

Ordering Information

When ordering a ONE TF system you will need one of each of the following;

  • ONE fab kit including alignment buttons
  • Either a Limblogic distal or side mount lamination kit
  • An Alpha DUO or Alpha SmartTemp Silicone fabricless liner (both come with ONE Gel sock as standard)


DescriptionProduct Number
ONE FAB Kit including Alignment ButtonsONE-FAB-KIT
LIMBLOGIC® Kit Side Mount LaminationLLV-2000-S
LIMBLOGIC® Kit Distal Mount LaminationLLV-2000-L



Alpha SmartTemp Silicone fabricless symmetrical liner with One Gel Sock product codes

SizeProduct CodeProximal Measurement
Distal Measurement
Medium PlusT990-194430-54cm20-29cm
Large PlusT990-194841-80cm32-39cm
Extra LargeT990-194746-90cm37-45cm



Alpha DUO Fabricless Symmetrical Liner with One Gel Sock Product Codes

SizeProduct CodeProximal Measurement
Distal Measurement
Medium PlusD990-194430-54cm20-29cm
Large PlusD990-194841-80cm32-39cm
Extra LargeD990-194746-90cm37-45cm



Additional One Gel Sock Product Codes

SizeProduct Code
Medium PlusONE-SOCK-MP
Extra LargeONE-SOCK-XL



Additional One Seal Product Codes

SizeProduct Code
Medium PlusONE-SEAL-MP
Extra LargeONE-SEAL-XL