LimbLogic® Side Mount

LimbLogic is an electronic elevated vacuum system that features a small, Bluetooth® Low Energy fob, inductive charging, and a choice of mounting style. The controller is offered as a side-mounted pump that can be position almost anywhere on the socket.

A handheld fob or iOS app allows practitioners to program LimbLogic for a set range of vacuum. The system continually monitors a socket’s vacuum level, maintaining a secure fit. Amputees may use the fob or iOS app to increase or decrease the vacuum level as desired within the range set by the clinician. Regardless of the style used, the LimbLogic Controller is waterproof in fresh water to a depth of 3 meters (10 feet) for up to 12 hours at a time. The hand-held fob should not be exposed to water. The outlet filter is field serviceable.


Features and benefits

  • Inductief opladen voor eenvoudig gebruik door de patiënt
  • Utilizes a small, convenient, Bluetooth® Low Energy fob
  • Both pump styles are waterproof in fresh water
  • Control LimbLogic from your iPhone or iPad
  • Flexible pump location allows easier optimal positioning for comfort and practicality

Technical Specifications

Weight ratingWeight of DeviceBuild HeightProduct dimensionsWaterproofWarrantyOptional Trial Period
(Fob: 17g)
N/A35.22mm x 100.15mmYes24 months30 days from date of fitting

Ordering Information

Limblogic Side Mount Product Codes

DescriptionProduct Number
Side Mount, Unilateral KitLLV-2000-S

*This kit contains the Side Mount Pump, Key Fob, Charger and Fabrication Kit.

Limblogic Side Mount Spare Parts Product Codes

DescriptionProduct Number
Key FobLLV-21200
Key Fob Replacement BatteryLLV-21240
Inductive ChargerLLV-21011
Lamination Fabrication KitLLV-KIT-S
Side Mount Lamination PlateLLV-01049
Exhaust Port Replacement with Orifice & Drain TubeLLV-21080
Sealing Gasket (Set of 5)LLV-01070
Service KitLLV-SK

*For a visual representation of each of these spare parts, please refer to the Limblogic components sheet in the Downloads tab.