Alpha® SmartTemp Silicone AK Symmetrical Liner

SmartTemp Silicone combines medical-grade silicone with the heat management technology of Outlast®. Utilising this phase change material (PCM) – originally designed for NASA – the liner regulates heat by responding to skin temperature fluctuations, delaying the onset of sweat. The liner releases the stored heat as the body cools down, stabilising the skin temperature. Maintaining this temperature balance can lead to a drier, cooler and thus more comfortable socket all day.

Features and benefits

  • Outlast technologie reguleert temperatuur van de koker en stabiliseert huid-temperatuur
  • Reduced sweating
    • Can help reduce tissue break down
    • Can improve suspension
  • Low flow prevents silicone migrating away from sensitive areas
  • High rebound maintains original silicone shape
  • Suitable for medium to high activity levels
  • Unidirectional stretch – eliminates pistoning without a distal matrix
  • Multidirectional stretch – reduces shear over patella
  • Increased durability
  • Can accommodate volume fluctuations
  • Compatible with elevated vacuum

Measuring Guide

Ensure accurate measurements at 4cm and 30cm from the distal end to determine the most appropriate liner for the user.

Product Part Number: T44 Categorie:


Symmetrical Profile

The symmetrical profile has increased thickness distally to provide increased comfort and protection. This tapers to 2.5mm proximally for easy donning, and a thinner edge when cutting. Being uniform circumferentially means that it can be rotated by the user to increase its lifespan.

  • 9mm distal end
  • Thins to 2.5mm proximally
  • Uniform circumferentially

Select Fabric

The Select fabric is WillowWood’s most durable and comfortable offering. Through the utilisation of unidirectional stretch material, pistoning is eliminated without the need for a distal matrix. This also means that it is easier to don for the user, and can accommodate more volume fluctuations, without the need for a new liner.

Accordion Umbrella

The accordion umbrella increases socket comfort by conforming to the shape of the underlying residuum, reducing stress and providing a more uniform pressure distribution. The umbrella size correlates to the liner size, meaning equal comfort and conformity across all sizes.

Technical Specifications

Interface MaterialAmputation LevelOuter FabricSuspension TypeProfileFunctionalityWarrantyOptional Trial Period
SmartTemp SiliconeTransfemoralSelectLocking - Accordion Umbrella, CushionAK SymmetricalTemperature regulation12 months from fitting date30 days

Ordering Information

Alpha SmartTemp Silicone AK Symmetrical Line Product Codes

SizeProduct Code
(Locking – Accordion Umbrella)
Product Code
Proximal Measurement
Distal Measurement
Medium Plus 1T442-1694-1T440-1694-130-54cm20-24cm
Medium Plus 2T442-1694-2T440-1694-233-54cm24-29cm
Large 1T442-1696-1T440-1696-133-64cm28-32cm
Large 2T442-1696-2T440-1696-236-64cm32-36cm
Large PlusT442-1698-1T440-1698-141-80cm32-39cm
Extra LargeT442-1697-1T440-1697-146-90cm37-45cm

Silicone Volume Management Pads Product Codes

DescriptionProduct Code
Pack of 2 (0,45cm and 0,75cm)ALA-VM-S2

*Only use Silicone Volume Management pads with Silicone liners


Alpha Liner Manual

Alpha Liner Size Guide

Alpha SmartTemp Sales Sheet