Alpha® Design Liner

When a pre-defined profile will not cater to your patient’s needs, a custom solution is required. Alpha design liners give the clinician full control of how the interface material is built up in relation to their model. Whether it is building up for increased protection over a bony prominence, or filling in deep and irregular scarring; a design liner can provide a comfortable fit for the most irregular shapes.

Features and benefits

  • Multiple Fabric Choices
  • Available in Classic/Hybrid/Silicone gel
  • Perfect for challenging residual limbs
  • Enhanced comfort for users

Ordering your Alpha DESIGN Liner

1. Scan or cast

Send a negative or positive plaster cast to our Abingdon office. If you have a scanner yourself, send the file to

2. Order form

Ask for the Alpha DESIGN Liner order form, complete and return to us. The order form can also be downloaded from the downloads tab.

3. Purchase order

As soon as we have your purchase order, order form and cast/scan, we will start the production of the liner.

Please note: For repeat orders where a scan has previously been sent, you do not have to send a new scan. You can send the previous order number and we can use the scan file from that previous order to create a repeat Design Liner.

Product Part Number: DES Categorie:


Interface options

Alpha design liners come with a choice Hybrid gel, Classic gel or Express Silicone.

Hybrid gel was designed to combine the comfort of Classic gel with the durability of silicone. This all-round liner is as the name suggests – the best of both. With sufficient flow for bony prominences and suitable stability to control loose tissue, the added durability, compared to Classic gel, means higher activity users can achieve a comfortable fit with less regular liner replacements.

Alpha Classic gel consists of a skin-friendly blend of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gel with mineral oil and vitamin E. Alpha Classic Gel has been thoroughly tested for skin reaction and received ‘no reaction’ scores.

WillowWood’s Express Liner is a softer-durometer silicone that replicates the feel and comfort of TPE gel liners.

Design Liner opbouw

Gel may be up to 25mm thick, which is especially useful for invaginated or bony limbs. Gel on the proximal edge and behind the knee may be as thin as 3mm, providing greater comfort and range of knee motion.

  • Custom design, 3-25mm thickness as required

Fabric options

Alpha design liners come with a choice of either Original or Select fabrics.

The Select fabric is WillowWood’s most durable and comfortable offering. By combining two distinct materials, it offers support, compression and flexibility. To prevent pistoning, the majority of the fabric has unidirectional stretch, meaning a distal matrix is not required. This allows easy donning and accommodation of volume changes without the need for a new liner. To reduce shear stress over the patella, there is a multidirectional stretch panel over the knee which improves comfort in flexion.

Its smooth finish means it slides on easily and its durability extends the life of the liner.

Standard Umbrella

The standard umbrella has a standard diameter of 68.6mm on all sizes.

Technical Specifications

Interface MaterialOuter FabricSuspension TypeInterface MaterialFunctionalityWarrantyOptional Trial Period
Classic Gel, Duo, Express silicone, Hybrid GelOriginal, Spirit, MAX, Select, Fabric-freeLocking – Standard Umbrella, CushionClassic Gel, Duo, Express silicone, Hybrid GelCustomized Fit12 months from date of fitting30 days (trial period does not apply to duplicate DESIGN liners)

Ordering Information

Alpha Design Liner Product Codes

DescriptionProduct Code
(Locking - Standard Umbrella)
Product Code
Alpha Gel (Classic or Hybrid) Design Liner, Original Order (scan/cast)ALL-DES-OTALC-DES-OT
Alpha Gel (Classic or Hybrid)Design Liner, Repeat OrderALL-DES-DPALC-DES-DP
Alpha Silicone Design Liner, Original Order (scan/cast)ELL-DES-OTELC-DES-OT
Alpha Silicone Design Liner, Repeat OrderELL-DES-DPELC-DES-DP
Alpha Duo Design Liner, Original Order (scan/cast)NAADC-DES-OT
Alpha Duo Design Liner, Repeat OrderNAADC-DES-DP


Alpha Liner Manual

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