Alpha® Classic AK Liner

Alpha Classic AK Liners are available with an AK Profile in order to meet the needs specific to transfemoral amputees. Alpha Classic AK Liners with the AK Profile accommodate the often sensitive areas of transfemoral residual limbs with a specific gel style and incorporate skin-friendly, mineral-oil-based Alpha Classic Gel. The liner, offered in cushion and locking, has 9 mm of gel distally, tapering to 3 mm proximally— with a built-in gel pad to protect the often-sensitive femur. This extra gel pad provides a total of 9 mm of gel at the distal lateral aspect of the liner. The Spirit fabric used for cushion liners is unique in its ability to flex during donning or doffing and may be used with a Velcro®-like material for added security. Alpha Classic AK Locking Liners use one-way stretch MAX fabric that limits vertical pistoning movements around the complete circumference of the liner.

Features and benefits

  • Unique AK Gel Profile adds comfort for transfemoral amputees
  • Skin-friendly, mineral-oil based gel contains Vitamin E
  • Available in Cushion and Locking

Measuring Guide

Ensure accurate measurements at 4cm and 30cm from the distal end to determine the most appropriate liner for the user.


Technical Specifcations

Interface MaterialAmputation LevelOuter FabricSuspension TypeProfileFunctionalityWarrantyOptional Trial Period
Classic GelTransfemoralMax Fabric (Locking) Spirit fabric (cushion)Cushion, LockingAK ProfilePressure Relief12 months from date of fitting30 days

Ordering Information

Alpha Classic AK Liner Product Codes

SizeProduct Code
(Locking – Standard Umbrella Max Fabric)
Product Code
(Cushion, Spirit Fabric)
Proximal Measurement
Distal Measurement
Medium PlusAKL-2634AKC-263434 - 54 cm20 - 32 cm
LargeAKL-2636AKC-263637 - 64 cm28 - 32 cm
Large PlusAKL-2638AKC-263844 - 80 cm32 - 47 cm
Extra LargeAKL-2637AKC-263748 - 90 cm37 - 55 cm

Gel Volume Management Pads Product Codes

DescriptionProduct Code
Volume Management Pads (set of 3) (S,M & L)ALA-VM
Volume Management Pads, Small, set of 3ALA-VM-SM
Volume Management Pads, Medium, set of 3ALA-VM-MD
Volume Management Pads, Large, set of 3ALA-VM-LG

*Only use Gel Volume Management pads with Gel liners